President, Erik Lundborg
Vice President, Alice Shields
Secretary, Stephen Dydo
General Manager, Louis Goldford
Concert Director, Idith Meshulam
Carl Bettendorf
Hayes Biggs
Sheree Clement
David Glaser
Joel Gressel
Tom James
Marjorie Merryman

Past President, Eleanor Cory
Past President, Arlene Zallman



Mario Davidovsky
Jacques-Louis Monod
Fred Lerdahl



APNM's activities are supported through our
membership dues, concert ticket sales, BMI and
ASCAP royalties, private donations, and the
generous support of the Alice M. Ditson Fund.

Please consider becoming a donor to support
the promotion of contemporary music!


APNM was founded in 1975 by Jacques-Louis Monod as a community of
American composers with the purpose of sharing common musical values
and creating a network of professional support. APNM fosters the
compositional creativity of its members by offering performances of
their music, publication services, and promotional visibility.

APNM offers publishing services through the Subito Music Corp. APNM
composers are published, but fully maintain their copyright, keeping
half of their royalties, and are free from any contractual obligations.
APNM promotes its member catalog through its website.

APNM presents concerts of members' music at New York City venues
at least twice per year, partnering with virtuosic performers and
ensembles including members of Argento and Ensemble Pi. APNM holds
an annual Composition Call for Scores Contest, seeking public
submissions, particularly from emerging composers. Winners are
rewarded with performance and membership.

We are pleased to provide you and your institution or organization
with biographic and descriptive information about our composers and
the works with which they have selected to represent themselves.



Founded in 1975 by composer and conductor Jacques-Louis Monod,
the Association for the Promotion of New Music is a national composer
consortium whose purpose it is to make available a broad and
significant range of contemporary musical compositions through
publication, distribution, sales, and public performance. APNM
maintains a catalog of members' works including biographies,
titles, instrumentation, and the duration of works.

APNM was originally affiliated with the publisher Boelke-Bomart and
presented concerts at The Guild of Composers which was directed
and conducted by Mr. Monod. We are currently affiliated with
BMI, ASCAP, and since 1998, Subito Music Corporation which assumes
the responsibility of printing and distributing members' scores at
reasonable rates. In 2009 we resumed giving concerts with
performers from Ensemble Pi under the direction of Idith Meshulam
and with the Second Instrumental Unit under the direction of David
Fulmer. We currently present two concerts a year at the Tenri
Cultural Institute in downtown Manhattan and at the DiMenna Center.
We have given two tribute concerts honoring composers Milton Babbitt
and Mario Davidovsky.

APNM is currently in the process of expanding its concert series by
planning to increase the number of concerts per season and present
them in a variety of venues with expanded instrumentation. APNM
hosts an active website which features recordings from these concerts
as well as sound samples from the works of our members.